Amandas Vagina

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Amandas Vagina

Being a dedicated Brest and Bra man I would like to share with you some of my Penis to Vagina stories.
These are all true and show some of my sexual experiences in life.
I must admit that I like prostitutes.
They know what they are there for and they have mostly enjoyed the various aspects of sex that we all like.

I really like lingerie, in particular bras, which have a major effect on my penis.
The sight of a bra strap can give me an /erection/">erection so hard that I need to relieve it by masturbation or if possible vagina entry as soon as possible.
The sudden view down the front of a woman's dress deep into her cleavage can almost cause me to ejaculate on the spot.
If it is possible to see down to the start of her nipples then I have come sometimes on the spot.
To see in summer the bras that young women wear is an absolute joy to my penis.
That thin material and the sight of those erect nipples through the thin bra cups gives me an erection as soon as I see the breast in the bra..

Masturbation is a great relief for the amount of semen that collects in my testicles but is not the best solution to penis problems.
It is of course wonderful to be able to pump this semen store into a willing woman's vagina but sometimes there is no willing woman partner available.
This is where prostitutes come into the picture.

If you can, always telephone a new prostitute before just arriving at her studio or flat.
I always ask them what size bra they wear and also the bra cup size they wear.
I prefer the breasts to be in the 34C to 36D range, always being reasonably firm.
I enjoy nipples and large dark aureoles; they turn my penis on in to a state of erection and /ejaculation/">ejaculation very quickly.

I always masturbate while making these first phone contacts, there is no point in wasting sex talk without letting my penis enjoy it as much as I do.
If the response is positive, that is the breast size and cup size is within my required range, and the lady doesn't mind this kind of talk over the telephone I advance the conversation and ask her if she is shaven or if her vagina is still natural.
Then I advance the conversation and ask her if she minds is I masturbate myself in front of her, when we are together.
They usually don't mind at all and it makes it easier to discuss /oral/oral-sex/">oral sex.
I enjoy having my penis sucked by a young woman and I do enjoy sucking her vagina and /tickling/">tickling her clitoris with my tongue.
I then make an appointment for the next day and just before I ring off I always ask her if she will wear a bra for me when I visit her.
I also ask if I can buy a new bra for her and what style she prefers.

One of the most sexually enticing bra styles is the front fastening bra.
It holds and suggests sexual relief as soon as you see it.
The balcony bra closely follows the front fastening bra, when it comes to sexual allure.
If you have not had the pleasure of putting your erect penis into a woman wearing a balcony bra you have a treat in store for you.
The balcony bra supports each breast, but has the nipples completely exposed over the top of the bra cup.
So you have the dual sexual stimulation of the bra and the naked nipples if front of you as you push your penis deep into her vagina.
Front fastening bras are similar to feeding bras and as she loosens the clasp of the front fastening bra the breasts spring forward with the nipples ready for your hungry lips.
If you are lucky enough to find a /pregnant/">pregnant prostitute and if you are a regular client you may be able to drink breast milk from her lactating breasts either before the baby is born or as soon as she returns to work after the bay is born.

Panties of course also feature in this penis play. Some of the best are the types are those that have no material over the vagina mouth. This means that you can enter the vagina with your penis without having to remove her panties.
With a balcony bra and uncovered vagina you can pump semen into her vagina and still see her breasts supported by a sexually stimulating bar.

One of the prostitutes that I use regularly is Amanda.
Amanda is dark haired and has a stunningly erotic body.
Her hips cry out for sex and as she walks the cheeks of her bottom gyrate and call to your penis for insertion in her vagina.
She has 34C beasts and her breasts are firm.
She has had two children and I know that she breastfed both of them.
I was also breast fed by Amanda after both her children were born.
Her vagina is shaved and she enjoys doggy style sexual intercourse.
Her vaginal passage is as smooth as silk and her clitoris is proud and full hd xvideo download she likes to be tongue tickled on her clit.
The /first-time/">first time I met Amanda I wanted to fuck her at the door to her flat.
Fortunately she realized my problem and controlled my penis and we got to the bedroom, her sex palace, before my penis could shoot is sperm.
We discussed what I like, breasts bras and lots of foreplay and she told me that she would massage me and then we could get to the free porn movies download actual penis to vagina stage.
She was still fully dressed and she asked my to take my clothes off.
It's always for me sexually stimulating to undress in front of a fully clothed attractive woman.
As I removed my shirt and then loosened my trousers Amanda asked me if I needed to go to the bathroom.
I said that I did and by doing this it gave me the opportunity to empty my bladder but also to play a little with my semi erect penis before I returned to the bedroom.
I was wearing only my briefs and my penis , which I had been playing with before I arrived at Amanda's, was half erect and the front of my briefs were wet with pre-cum.
Amanda saw this and smiled and chased me off to the bathroom.

While I was in the bathroom Amanda had removed her jeans and top and was just dressed in a black wonder-bra and black silk thong.

She again noted my wet briefs and told me to take them off.
As I did so my penis jumped up and the head of my cock started to push through my foreskin.
I started to stroke my now almost erect penis while looking at Amanda's bra encased breasts and thong covered vagina. She smiled and said that that was her job and not to cum too soon.

Amanda asked me to lie face down on the massage table next to the king size bed.
She then opened my legs a little and ran her fingers up the inside of my legs towards my penis and testicles.
She had put some baby oil on her fingers and as the fingers reached the top of my legs she slid one up between the cheeks of my buttocks.

She just touched very softly and lightly the entrance of my anus and then started to massage my back.
Of course my penis was becoming harder and I started to lift my buttocks so the Amanda could hold my testicles and penis with her soft hands.
She slapped my lightly and told me to relax she would hold me there later.
So I lowered my buttocks and my now almost fully erect penis lay under my belly.
As Amanda slowly and lightly massaged my back I could just feel with my left hand the silk of her black thong brushing against my fingers.

It was a very erotic feeling and I stretched my fingers as far out as I could I could just feel the start of the lips of her now slightly damp vagina lips.
After a few minuets of this massage Amanda went around the massage table to the other side and started to massage my back from the other side.
Somehow in walking around the table she had shed her thong.
I didn't realize this until the fingers of my right hand suddenly felt her vaginas damp pubic hair brushing against my fingers.
My cock was now fully erect and again I lifted my buttocks to allow Amanda to hold my penis, and to relieve the pressure on my now erect and /hard/hard-penis/">hard penis shaft.
She slid her left hand under my belly and very lightly held my penis in her hand. She slowly stroked him up and down with long slow rhythmic strokes.