Fun with girlfriend

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Fun with girlfriend

Susan is my ex girlfriend and I see her at conferences twice a year. We were talking at the reception the first night and she said she wanted to try tying me to the bed. I always wanted to try it so I said OK. We went back to her room and she and I stripped and she used stocking to tie my hands above my head. She then tied my legs spread eagle to each bedpost. 

I am 38 years old 6’ tall and 170lbs. Susan is 46 years old 5’5’, about 120 lbs and has 34DD fake breasts. I was hard seeing her work naked and I sucked her nipples as she tied the wwwxxx me up. Susan sucked my balls and licked up my shaft and was driving me /crazy/">crazy. Before I came Susan got off the bed and took a picture of me with her phone. She then told me to wait and she took my phone and found a number. I’m going to send someone a photo and invite her over. 

I tried to get untied but not very hard because it turned me on to be at her mercy. Susan straddled my face and I started to suck her pussy. I couldn’t tell what she was doing but soon I heard my phone ring about five minutes later. 

’Hello,’ Susan said. ’Yes, you saw the picture, yes it’s Rob. Yes, I have him tied up and I want to watch him cum as he fucks you.’

’Well you could do whatever you want, we are in room 232 so get here soon.’ Then she /hung/">hung up the phone. It took me ten minutes to get Susan to orgasm and she got off my face. ’Our friend will be here in 30 minutes and she is excited to see you,’ Susan said.

Susan mounted my cock and told me she needed to have me cum so I would last a long time with our friend. She said she was going to blindfold me and if I took it off she would get the ugliest, fattest girl in her to use me. I came in Susan’s pussy about ten minutes later and thrust into Susan and she put the tie around my eyes. She had her tubes tied so I didn’t mind cumming into her. 

Susan then got off me and said lets wait. I got hard fairly quickly because I was excited and /scared/">scared about who was coming over. I felt Susan take my cock in her mouth and she jerked and sucked me until I came in her mouth. She swallowed every drop and continued to suck my /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls. 

I felt myself starting to get excited again and there was a knock at the door and I heard Susan say don’t talk and here’s Rob. I felt legs on each side of my head and a shaved pussy was on my face. I had to try to think who was on my face but all I could focus on was the pussy in my mouth. Whoever it was had waxed and tasted /sweet/">sweet. The girl orgasmed on my face about ten minutes into my sucking her and she slid her pussy down my chest. I felt her putting the tip of my cock in her pussy. ’Who is this?’ I asked.

’You’ll find out when you’re cumming,’ Susan told me. I got the idea that it was my ex wife and I didn’t want to get her pregnant so I was going to hold off from cumming. She bounced on my cock for fifteen minutes and then switched positions and she was riding me in reverse cowboy.

Susan told me, ’Rob you may as well cum because you are going to fuck her until you /pussy/pussy-cum/cum-in-her-pussy/">cum in her pussy.’ I felt Susan /tickling/">tickling my balls and then she started to /fingering/ass-fingering/finger-my-ass/">finger my ass. She said she was a nurse and could make me cum by massaging my prostate. It felt weird but good with Susan fingering my ass and the girl on my cock turned around on top of me and started to kiss my neck. 

I continued to fuck this woman on me for another fifteen minutes with Susan’s finger in my ass. I finally lost it and decided I needed to cum. I said I’m going to cum and as I shot my first load I heard my ex say, ’He’s cumming,’ and Susan took the tie off my eyes. I had to look into my ex’s eyes as I shot my sperm deep in her pussy. Susan continued to massage my prostate to get all the cum out of me as I looked into my ex’s face as I couldn’t stop cumming. Ellen kept my cock in her pussy and squeezed her kegel muscles to milk the rest of the cum out of me. I was pissed at Susan for letting my ex fuck me. 

Ellen got off me and played with my balls while Susan licked my cock clean. ’That wasn’t so bad was it Rob?’ Susan said. ’Just cum in her pussy one more time and I’ll let you go.’

I begged Susan to not have me cum in her pussy again because I didn’t want her pregnant. Susan just said she loves to see me cum and Ellen was here so we couldn’t waste the pussy. Susan continued to suck me while my ex wife watched. Ellen said she missed my cock and the feeling of me filling her up. Susan got in wwwxxx a 69 position and her pussy was soaked. She orgasmed quickly and that got me hard hearing her enjoy herself. Ellen mounted me and slipped my cock in her pussy again. 

’I love the feel of your cock /cum/squirting-cum/">squirting cum into my pussy,’ Ellen said. She bounced up and down on my cock for twenty minutes and finally had an orgasm. I just watched as she arched her back and orgasmed a second time on my cock. Susan told me to cum in Ellen or she would massage my prostate again. I couldn’t hold off any longer so I let go and came deep in Ellen’s pussy a second time that night. Ellen kissed me as she got up off of me. 

’Thanks Susan,’ Ellen said, ’I really enjoyed myself.’ Ellen put her underwear on without cleaning up. She got dressed and left. She didn’t wipe her pussy so her underwear must have been soaked with cum as she drove home. 

Susan said, ’Rob, I’m going to untie you so don’t get mad.’ As soon as she untied me I flipped her over and tied Susan down to the bed. I put her underwear in her mouth and said, ’Let’s see how hot I can get you.’ I fingered and licked Susan’s pussy until she was about to cum and I’d stop. This went on for an hour and I was hard so I mounted Susan and fucked her until I came in her pussy. 

’I don’t want sloppy seconds or thirds so I thought I’d fuck you first,’ I told her. I took a picture of Susan with her phone and got dressed. I turned off the lights turned on the TV and told Susan to stay quiet or she’d be found by housekeeping on her last day.

I showed the photo to two young guys from our conference and asked if they wanted to help her fantasy come true. They had been drinking and were excited to fuck Susan. I went in the room first and put a blindfold on Susan. I took the underwear out of her mouth and told her me and another guy were going to use her. 

I let the two guys in and they stripped and started right away. The first guy who started to fuck Susan was about 8 inches and she seemed to enjoy it. The other guy stuck his cock in her mouth and she hungrily sucked him. He was around 7 inches so she must have thought it was me. 

The first guy came in her pussy and the second guy pulled out of her mouth and came between her tits. They both stood next to her playing with her nipples and went in for seconds. The bigger cock guy got sucked and the second guy lifted her ass and slid into her asshole. Susan moaned but couldn’t make much noise with the cock in her mouth.

They both came again and got dressed to leave. I untied Susan and she told me that I didn’t get my ex wife pregnant because she was on the pill. Susan just wanted me to fuck her and try to hold out as long as possible. I then told Susan that it was two guys from our conference who fucked her. She was turned on and embarrassed because she wouldn’t know who it was who had seen her naked and fucked her.