Wife and footy mates

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Wife and footy mates

Just the other weekend I had organized 3 of my mates to come around for a night of footy. So my wife Bon likes to show off when these nights come around. So the night starts off great, having a few drinks and chips and Bon was just being her usual self friendly and touchy feely as she kept the supplies up. I saw her at one time bend over in front of 2 mates and gave them a full view of her holes as she bokep sma pecah perawan took her panties off. As the night went on she kept teasing and for sure was getting wet as we were horny. I excused myself to the bathroom knowing she would use this time to her advantage and that's fine with me, Its what we do.

I stood in the hall way corner watching as she walked out again and stood in front of the lads once again. This time bent over once again to refill the chips as she did one of them grabbed her buttocks and spread her lips apart as the other started to finger her with 2 long fingers. She was very wet and bent forward more as she rested her arms on the table enjoying what was happening from behind .

The other mate sitting in the side chair moved around to be part of the action and stood in front of her and put his hands down her top and played with her breasts.

I went to the bathroom, flushed the toilet and came back out with Bon back in the kitchen and the boys smiling from ear to ear. I asked Bon to come back into the lounge room and to bring more food with her. She came out with more munchies and this time as she bent over I fingered her pussy and she was soaking wet. I then let the others get involved. As they were fingering I removed the rest of her dress.

So there she was naked and bent over. I motioned one of them to stand in front of her and as he did I pulled his pants down for him and his /boner/">boner popped out and she took it straight into her mouth and sucked to his delight. The other 2 old waman xxxgx were getting very busy with her pussy. One got down and started to lick her pussy as the other kept fingering her. I went around to open her legs wider and as I did one gets undressed ready to fuck her as she sucked on the other.

So the picture is she is sucking and fucking over the small table with drinks and food on it. It was beautiful. I could see that the mate getting the blow job was not far off from cumming and sure enough he blew all over her face and hair. As soon as he was done the other mate moved in front for his turn and she started to suck his long thin cock. The guy fucking her was banging her fast and loudly. You could here his ball slapping against her and it wasn't long till he came all over her back. I got down in between to finish her off with a good tongue lashing which she loves. She doesn't care how or who as long as she gets a licking. The two finished guys sit back to watch the footy and the side show going on and the last guy blows his cum right down her throat and she drinks as fast as she can.

I keep licking her and she eventually comes and being a squirt er her juices went all over me and she squealed with pleasure. When she got her self together she then said it was my turn she pushed me down onto the lounge chair and gave me a great blew job while the others watched.

As I came with an amazing orgasm one of the guys had a boner again and steps up behind her and fucked her once again. We sat and watched as she squirmed with delight as he fucked her so hard and fast. She came and he blew once again. By the time this had finished the footy game ended the food was wet and my wife was worn out.

We are so looking forward to our next footy night.