Asking for a raise

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
Asking for a raise

So it was a Monday and I was at work, I walk to my bosses office and walk inside, he was sitting at his desk working on some paperwork. My boss is a huge black guy who's bald but very sexy. Did I mention he was sexy? So I walk up to him and ask for a raise. Then my boss gets up and closes the door and locks it, well if you want a raise you gotta earn it.

I have iv been working my ass For months, that's exactly what I want your ass. Suddenly my black boss walks up and dips his hands in my pants and grabbs my small 2 inch white dick and strokes the hell out of it ahhhhhhh what are you doing ohhh yessssss wait this isn't right...... Just shut up if u want that raise!

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My ass rips open and scream like a girl ahhhhhhhh please keep going I love it I love it!!!!!! He fucks me so hard I can't feel my ass anymore and my legs go numb. His dick destroying my ass he kisses my back and Pulls my hair and starts kissing my butt while fucking me then he squeezes my nipples. Fuck me like the faggot I am! I scream over and over until a hour later my ass is sore for two weeks. But I got that raise.