My Wife and Her Lovers Part 3

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My Wife and Her Lovers Part 3

It was getting late and we had all had quite a bit to drink. Everyone had gone except for you, me, and Jason. We were still out in the boathouse throwingdarts. Jason and you were flirting a bit and it was making me horny. So when Jason went out to take a piss, I followed him. While out there I asked him if he would like to join us in a 3-some tonight and he said SURE! I told him Id work on getting you naked and then anything goes from there. With that we went back in.

On your next turn at darts I indian santali xvideo followed you to the board, and when you were retreiving the darts I reached around grabbing your breasts and kissing your neck as I have done before, but this time was different, this time we werent alone. I could sense you felt uncomfortable so I whispered into your ear that Jason wants to have a 3-some with us... right now. I continued rubbing your breasts and I could feel you start to relax as you thought about it and started to get turned on. I pushed your shirt up exposing your bra, then I lifted it over your head and off. I then rubbed your /pussy/ass-pussy/ass-and-pussy/">ass and pussy and then started to undo your jeans, knowing you wouldnt be wearing /underwear/">underwear got me so hard. I pulled your pants off. You now stood facing the dart board wearing only your bra and as I stood behind you running my hands over your body I looked behind me at Jason, giving him the signal to come over to us. When he got there I quickly switched places with him. Jason continued where I left off, running his hands up your body starting at your hips and working up to you breasts. I wasnt sure if you knew if it was him behind you, or me, but when he leaned in, you turned to kiss him and it was obvious that you knew it was Jason as you locked in an open-mouthed kiss. He fumbled with your bra, finally getting it off. He began squeezing your bare /nipples/tits-nipples/tits-and-nipples/">tits and nipples as you continued to kiss. His hands then slid down, across you stomach, and then to your pussy. You parted your legs for him and he grabbed your pussy with his hand and began rubbing and squeezing it. He could feel your juices were flowing, his hand was wet from your pussy, he slipped 2 fingers into your /cunt/hot-cunt/">hot cunt. You turned more towards Jason so you could better grab hold of his cock through his jeans. You noticed he was hard and you wanted it.

I had a great view from where I was sitting, only 5 /feet/">feet away, and I watched as you unzipped and pulled Jasons pants and underwear down, not stopping until his pants were around his knees and you were on your knees in front of him. I started to take my clothes off as I closely watched you take Jasons /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock in your hands and guide it to your mouth. I sat naked, rubbing my own cock as I watched you suck on Jasons.

I reluctantly stopped jacking off and left the boathouse, going to the cottage for a couple of blankets for you to lay on (or get laid on). When I returned, Jason was now sitting in the chair totally naked and you were on your hands and knees in front of him. His hands were pulling your head down onto his cock as he fucked your mouth.

I set the blankets out behind you and then, not being able to resist your ass and pussy starring at me as you continued to suck on Jason, I knelt behind you sticking my face and mouth between the crack of your ass, licking your /asshole/">asshole and soaking /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. I could hear you moaning on Jasons cock as I ate you, so I knew I alain lyle porn must be doing something right. We continued with this for a while until Jason pulled you from his cock, taking your hand, he laid you back on the blankets. I moved, kneeling beside your head, I began rubbing your breasts. Jason moved around positioning himself between your parted legs, then he slowly slid his hard cock into your /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt. When Jasons cock was all the way in, you reached out grabbing my hard cock, and you pulled it to your mouth, sucking on it as Jason began fucking you.

I was enjoying watching you get fucked and as Jason quicken his pace you released my cock from your mouth so you could grab onto Jasons bare ass as he fucked you to orgasm. I just watched in amazement over the next ten minutes as Jason brought you to orgasm after orgasm before he reached that point himself, cumming deep inside you.

The two of you laid there catching your breath for a few moments before Jason pulled out of you and moved up, staddling your face with his cock. You opened your mouth and he lowered his cock in as you began cleaning your mixed juices from him. I too saw an opportunity to clean, as I looked between your parted legs to your cum-dripping pussy. I moved between your legs and slowly began to lick your freshly fucked pussy.

Just as I was getting into eating you, the door opened and in walked Adrian. We all looked up at him in shock... he had gone to bed a couple of hours ago with his girlfriend, but he said he couldnt sleep, so he decided to come back out. After what seemed like minutes of awkwardness, Jason said, come on in and join the /party/">party. With that he walked over to us and dropped his pants. I moved from between your legs, offering you to him. He asked you to get onto your hands and knees, which you did, and then he immediately knelt behind you and shoved his already hard cock into your wet cunt. He commented on how wet and hot your cunt was (it was actually sloppy and hot). Seeing that I was busy eating your cunt when he came through the door, Adrian probably didnt realize he was getting sloppy seconds, after all he wouldnt have thought that Id want to be eating Jasons cum from your freshly fucked pussy... how wrong he was, I love eating other mens cum from your pussy. You continued to clean Jasons /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls as Adrian fucked you. I watched you as you pleased these two cocks, then I left to get some lube... I wanted you to experience double penetration... and I wanted to watch!

As I was returning, I could hear your moans from outside. As I entered I could see why. You were now on top of Adrian fucking him and Jason was behind you licking your asshole. I tossed him the lube and he quickly lubed your ass and his cock. Over the next few minutes the guys slowly and gently slid their hard cocks into you... you were shivering the whole time, but reassured them several times not to stop. Once you had losened up, you started to tell them to fuck you... "fuck me", "/ass/ass-fucking/fuck-my-ass/">fuck my ass", "fuck my pussy", "oh god ya, both of you... /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder". The two of them followed your instuctions to a tee, driving their hard cocks into you. Id never see you like this... you just couldnt seem to get enough. Then you started making noises Id also never heard before as you tensed and moaned, more like screamed, that you were cumming. Almost like on que, both guys stiffened, burying there cocks deep, and shot their /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum into your ass and pussy.

Jason gently pulled his cock from your ass and you rolled off of Adrian, releasing his semi-hard cock. Both guys got up, dressed, then Adrian thanked us and went back to bed. Jason stayed, sitting in the chair and cracking open another beer. You lay on your back at his feet, still on the blanket, and I was kneeling beside you... both of us still naked and my cock still hard as a rock. I watched as cum leaked from your filled pussy. You took my hand and guided it to you and I started rubbing the cum that covered your pussy. It wasnt long before my hand was covered. You asked, "you want to eat it dont you"? I shrugged, not wanting to say yes with Jason sitting there. You asked again and the temptation was too much to resist so I nodded yes. You then said I should ask Jason if he would mind me eating his cum from your cunt, after all, it was his cum. I said "I dont think so". You replied that I was lucky that you werent making me ask for both Jasons and Adians permission, and that if I wanted to eat it, I better ask Jason. 

After realizing I wouldnt get any if I didnt ask, and I was finding this all very kinky, I looked at Jason, asking him," Can I lick your cum from my wifes pussy"? Instead of him simply saying yes, he said,"Okay, but if I get hard again while watching, youll have to suck me off". I looked at you and you were nodding, so I agreed to his terms and then quickly buried my face in your cunt. The smell of their cum mixed with yours was driving me /crazy/">crazy, I just couldnt get enough. My mouth was full of cum as it oozed from you. I swallowed as much as I could but it was still dripping from my chin. As I continued to eat you, I began hoping that Jason was getting hard... I wanted to suck his cock... and I wanted you to watch. I casually glanced up to see, and there he was stroking his hard cock. I pretended not to notice and continued eating you, waiting for my instructions to suck him.