What they say about Orientals is true

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What they say about Orientals is true

There was this girl in college who drove all the guys crazy when she walked down the halls or around campus. She was a senior and about 25, but she looked 15. With her long jet-black hair down about ? way to her ass and brown eyes that looked right through you she was an oriental beauty. She stood about 5 foot tall and weighted maybe 110 at the most. She had one of those heart shaped face that looked like she was smiling all the time. You know most Orientals are small and most are attractive but this girl would walk past you and say hi or how are you and you would turn to mush or stone!!! The problem was, she told the guys when they asked her out that she only dated oriental. It was a rule established by her father and mother. Her family didnt want her dating outside her race. Her body wasnt large but there was a very noticeable difference between the size of her breasts and her stomach. And there was another great deal of difference between her stomach and her hips. Her ass would sway from side it side as she walked making us wonder just how nice it was under that pelted skirt. And, when you would see her run, her breasts were large enough that there was a good bounce so we all know there were other treasures hidden under that silk blouse. She always looked and dressed and acted like a 10!!!!

She sat next to me in 2 different classes, so we got to know each other and would walk together to and from different classes once in awhile. She lived off campus with her parents while I lived in a frat house with 20 smelly guys!! One day we were talking about the problem she had dating, even at 25 and she felt she was missing out on a great deal of learning by not dating outside her race. I offered immediately to take her out but she wasnt going for it. We talked about this problem for weeks on and off util one day she came into class really pissed off (well as pissed off as female Orientals ever get). She had had a huge fight with her mother when she told her she wanted to go to dinner with me. After it was all over, she had decided to do it anyway! "Hell Im over 21!!! Hell Im 25 and an American!! I have never even had a drink! So, if you still want to go to dinner lets go!", she told me. I told her: "Sure if you really want to. I dont want your parents coming after me with a sword!!!" We both laughed at that one. So we decided that we would do it up right since this would be her coming out date so to speak. We decide to go to one of the nicer places in town and then go dancing. "Nothing wild", she said, "but we will be late coming home!" I smiled and told her I would pick her up at 7:30PM Saturday. She told me she would pick me up and that way she wouldnt have to introduce me to her parents and I wouldnt have to get the 3rd degree from her parents and she wouldnt have to fight about it until it was a done deal! So I had to wait until Saturday for my date. I didnt tell anyone about this because I wanted her all to myself. Most guys had stopped trying too take her out.

Saturday came and I saw her pull up on the corner in her car. I hurried out of the house and was in her car in 30 seconds. She looked and smelled wonderful. I told her how beautiful she looked and she smiled. I sure she was blushing but the car was to ark to tell. She had on a tight short skirt with a top that showed her belly! He body was built for just such an outfit. Her hair shined but then it always did that! Her odor had filled the car and what ever the perfume was made he want to lick it off where ever it was put on! I asked her what it was and she told me you could only buy it in Japan. She had received it as a gift from a friend. We got to the restaurant and seated in the non-smoking side of the place in a booth, which was somewhat dark. She told me I should do exactly what I would do if she was an /american/american-girl/">american girl out on a date with me. I told her I would and as we were seated ,she slides across the seat exposing a great deal of her thigh. I sat next to her rather than across from her. She smiled and asked: "Do you always sit next to the girl rather than across from her?" I told her: "That depends on the girl. If she was a beautiful woman and I was really interested in her, yes, I sit next to her. If it was just a friend, then sometimes I would sit across from her." She smiled again when I told her she was beautiful. She was I wasnt kidding. She asked me: "Do you really think Im beautiful?" I told her: "Yes, you are one of the most beautiful woman I have ever known. And, the most beautiful Oriental woman I have ever been on a date with in my life." She smiled again and told me: "You are the most handsome American I have ever dated!" We both laughed again since I was the first and only American she had dated and she was only the second Oriental I have ever dated. (If you call a street woman in Rio a date and no I didnt tell her that!) The waiter came and we ordered wine and dinner - I had seafood and she had steak! We had been in the place about 2 ? hours talking and laughing and eating and drinking. She only had 2 glasses of wine and finished 1? glasses.

Sine she had never had a drink before she was a little shy. The food was good but I could have been eating sawdust and wouldnt have noticed. This woman was the most charming and funny woman I have ever been with. porn videos download Her mannerisms were completely different than any woman xxx I have ever been out with in my life. He was fun and sexy at the same time. She had me in her spell in 10 minutes! She would touch my hand and face and thigh with her hand and laugh and smile all the time. I dont mean that fake smile that women give you most of the time, but she looked and sounded to me like she was honest and really enjoying herself. After dinner we walked to the club and I told her: "The ladies I date hold my hand when they walk down the street with me." And she took my hand and off we went to dance. At the club we had a few drinks and danced for hours! Her small body moved like a cat and with that tight skirt on, her /ass/nice-ass/nice-round-ass/">nice round ass, stuck out for everyone to see. Her breasts were heaving as we danced, many times for 20-30 minutes w/o stopping. Our tops were wet from our perspiration and stuck to our bodies. I can tell you for sure that her body was fantastic, Outstanding! It was 1AM before we knew it. The band started to play all slow songs and when we got back out on the dance floor, it was packed with many couples. We started dancing with a few inches between us, but as she watched the couples dance around her, she put her arms around my neck and pressed that body against me. Not real tight, but tight enough that I could feel her breasts and her bra against my somewhat wet shirt. Her blouse was very damp too and I guess the cool air from the air conditioning gave her a chill. I felt her shiver and when I pulled away to see if she was all right I could see her nipples sticking out against the wet blouse. My cock was already semi-hard from dancing so close with her leg hitting between my legs. Finally we held each other tight enough that her entire body pressed against me. I tell you she was really into it. We danced for maybe ? hour this way. When I pulled back a little and asked hr if she was having a good time, she stopped dancing stood on her toes and kissed me. I mean she really kissed me. I mean tongue and all! I of course answered back immediately. We stood on the floor and locked on to each other. I picked her up off the floor and held her up around her ass and we stayed like that for a very long time. She had her arms around my neck and her mouth pressed hard on to my mouth. Her tongue did its own danced inside my mouth.

I lowered her back down and we walked to the table arm in arm. I sat down and she sat on my lap. We were in the corner and as her lips came back to my lips my hand slowly moved to her side under her arm. She kept her arms around my neck and put her tongue in my mouth as she turned her small body towards my hand. It cupped her breast and my cock grew hard in a second. She felt it hitting her ass and broke the kiss. Still not moving my hand, which was taking full advantage of it position on her left breast, she bent in towards my ear and whispered: "Lets leave and go back to your room!" God my cock was like iron now! I told her: "Good idea baby! Lets get out of her." And we walked arm and arm to her car stopping many times along the way to kiss. Each time we did I hand my hand on her breast or ass. We finally got to the car and as we got into the front seat, she moved over to me and we went at it. My hand was under her blouse and feeling her breasts. I felt her hand on my thigh and then on my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. She touched it and jumped! I asked her: "Thats OK go ahead and touch me. God knows I have wanted to touch you since the /first-time/">first time I saw you. Whats wrong? She told me: "It just surprised me. Your cock is large! Its very large!" I smiled and told her: "I wont bit you. Your hand felt nice on it baby put it back." I took her hand and placed it on the hard shaft! She smiled as I had your bra off and began to really work on those /tits/nice-tits/">nice tits. They were not big, but they were c cup size. As she ran her hand up and down the length of my cock I slide a hand up that short skirt to find a pair of bikini panties. When my fingers touched the center of them it was wet! When I started to rub her pussy on the outside, she moaned and squeezed my cock tight. I told her: "take it out baby! Take it out. It will feel so much better if its touched skin to skin. She unzipped my slacked and the big head popped out at her. As I moved around a little the hard shaft came out and stood up at attention. She told me: "thats huge compared to the ones I have seem. Oriental men arent very large." I had gotten 2 fingers under her panties and was slowly stroking her pussy slit up and down as she laid her head on my shoulder just watching her hand stroke up and down my very hard cock. I told her: Youre driving me crazy! If she didnt stop what she was doing soon I was going to make us both wet" She smiled and moaned for me again! Her pussy lips had parted and now the 2 fingers were moving in and out of her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. She stayed like that just letting me work on her until I felt her arch her hips up against the fingers and pump against them until she climaxed! She moaned and kissed me and whispered: "I god baby! That was wonderful! Oh man I havent gotten off like that in months! Your fingers worked magic on me!" Her hand went back to my hard cock and she began to really pump it now. Now I put my head on her shoulder and we both watched as she jerk me off. It took a few minutes and all she kept saying was: "Dam that is a /cock/big-cock/">big cock! Your cock is huge!" When I was just about to cum I put a couple of tissues over the head and she pumped them full of cum! The more I shoot the faster she pumped my cock. I just kept cuming as my hands stayed between her thighs touching and rubbing her pussy the entire time she jerked me off. When we had both finished, me once her twice, we straighten our clothes and I held her tight and asked: "Lets go back to my room and make love. I want to eat your pussy. American girls love to have their pussy eaten." She laughed and told me: "So do Oriental girls baby! Let get a room at a hotel instead of your room. I dont want any one to see us. I dont want 100 guys hitting on me tomorrow! I told her that was a great idea!!! She drove off heading to the row of motels and hotels on the strip where the parents stayed during homecoming week, and other student parent weekends. When we arrived, it was 2:30 AM and there was an old guy who gave me a key and I gave him $70 bucks. We walked arm and arm to the room and as soon as the door closed we were all over each other.