Panty boy part two

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Panty boy part two
"Timmy, dear" Cassandra said while reading morning paper at the breakfast table, "I have a convention in New Orleans and Im leaving right after work for the airport, so Ill have the cabby swing by here and pick up my bags!!!" "Ive laid out all the clothes Im going to need, but I want you to get them all packed and ready to go, understand!?!" "How long are you going to be gone," the crest fallen young man asked sadly?!? "Five days for sure," she replied while trying to keep from laughing, "why do you ask?!?" "Oh," he replied disappointedly, "its just that Im going to miss you, thats all!!!" "Why will you miss me," she asked teasingly!?! "Well, if youre going to be gone for five days...............," he replied while letting his voice trail off!!! Cassandra lowered the paper, looked into his sad eyes, and then slid two round trip airline tickets across the table at him and said, "I dont know why, because youre coming with me!!!" The look of shear joy on her panty boys face was enough to break her heart, so she didnt even protest when he raced around the table and gave her a big hug and kiss and exclaimed, "Oh, /mistress/">mistress, I so happy, thank you for taking me!!!" She chuckled a bit, and then in her stern mistress voice ordered, "Well," you just make sure youve got everything packed an ready to go by five oclock, got it!?!"

When they were finally situated in their first class seat on the plane, Timmy leaned over to Cassandra and whispered, "Im wearing something special just for the occasion, I hope you will approve!!!" Cassandra arched her brow a bit and asked softly, "Im very intrigued, what is it, tell me right now!!!" Lowering his voice even more he said, "I went shopping on Oak Street today, at that new lingerie shop, and I picked up a pair of while lace crotchless panties!!!" He then added, "When I get an /erection/">erection it sticks right out of the front, I cant wait to show you!!!" Cassandra moaned softly to herself while picturing Timmys little hardon poking out from the feminine under garment, and naturally, she immediately became quite wet!!! Now in a hoarse voice she asked, "You didnt masturbate did you, you know what will happen if you did!?!" "Oh no," he replied quickly, "I got hard cuz of the silk, I promise you I didnt jerk it at all!!!" "She looked into his innocent eyes and said softly, "When we get to our room, the first thing youre going to do is suck my vagina, youve got me just dripping!!!" A broad grin spread across his face and he answered, "Oh thank you, Mistress, I can hardly wait!!!"

The bell captain placed their bags next to the queen sized bed, thanked Cassandra for his five dollar tip, and closed the door on his way out!!! Once they were alone, she ordered, "Okay, panty boy, take off your clothes except for your new panties!!!" "Yes, Mistress," he replied, while quickly shucking everything but the tiny silk panties that clung to his /cute/">cute little ass!!! "Very nice," she said under her breath, "your penis looks darling sticking out of the opening, now, come over here and help me with my things!!!" With both of them helping, Cassandra soon stood naked next to her little panty boy servant, and as was usually her habit, she took him into her arms and gave him a crushing kiss on the mouth while feeling him up all over!!! Her /breasts/huge-breasts/">huge breasts were just about at his mouth level, so she easily fed a /hard/hard-nipple/">hard nipple into his mouth while her hand slipped between them and she softly fisted his tiny pecker!!! "Hmmmmmmm," she hummed, "you know just how to take care of your Mistress, dont you panty boy?!?" "Oh, yes," he replied softly, "and its a privilege and an honor to take care of my Mistresss needs!!!" "Remember what I said on the plane," she asked softly!?! "Of course I do, Mistress," he responded, "would Madame care to have her vagina tongued!?!" "Jesus this nineteen year old kid was good," she said to herself, while leading him over to the bed and spreading her legs, "so very fucking good!!!"

After having lived with Cassandra for six months now, and knowing every nook and cranny of her smooth shaven cunt, Timmy spent the first ten minutes or so just licking and sucking her outer lips!!! Although he hadnt had much experience with other women, he was sure that his Mistress had vaginal lips that bulged out much much farther than on a normal woman, and he absolutely loved seeing her pussy encased in expensive panties that showed he vulva bulging plumply through the shiny thin material!!! He really couldnt help himself, and although he loved his Mistress dearly, he was also having a very /real/real-love/">real love affair with the lips of her vagina, so consequently, he would spend a great deal of time making sure that they were thoroughly washed with his devoted tongue!!! "Oh, Timmy," she moaned, "you love mamas vagina dont you, dear?!?" white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie "Oh yes, Mistress," he said between pants, "especially your lovely vulva, I love it so!!!" "I know you do, dear," she said with a sigh, "but mama needs to have her clitty taken care of now, so be a good little panty boy and suck mamas clit for her, please!?!" Sorry to have to give up sucking her lips, he took his fingers and gently pulled them apart, exposing her very erect little clit to his still hungry mouth!!!

"Oh, Mistress," he whispered, "your clitoris is all hard and erect, I think it needs some attention!!!" "Mmmmmm," she hummed, "suck mamas clit like a good little boy, make her have a nice /orgasm/hard-orgasm/">hard orgasm, okay!?!" And of course he did, taking her little member directly between his lips, he flicked the tiny head with his tongue until her whole body was awash in a soothing /climax/">climax that swept away the days tensions and frustrations right out of her!!! "Was it good for you Mistress," he asked hopefully?!? While caressing his cheek with her hand, she smiled at him and sighed, "It was very good, Timmy, you sucked mamas vagina just the way she likes it, and she is very proud of her little panty boy!!!" "Oh thank you, Mistress," he replied happily, "I so want to make you happy," while he snuggling his face against her wet vulva!!! "So tired," she mumbled, and the two of them fell off in fitful sleeps, she lying there with her legs spread wide, and him with his cheek nestled up against her very distended cunt!!!

Two hours later a knock on the door roused the two sleeping lovers, and a voice on the other side yelled, "Hey, Cass, its me, Emily, is anybody in there!?!" Cassandra woke Timmy up and ordered, "A friend of mine is at the door, answer it and let her in, please!!!" "Yes, Mistress," he replied while putting on his trousers, "right away!!!" "Timmy," she said sternly, "did I tell you to put on your pants, leave them off and answer the door in your panties, right now!!!" A very embarrassed Timmy mumbled, "Yes, Mistress," as he walked over and opened up the door!!! "Come in please," he said courteously, "Mistress is right over there!!!" Emily swept into the room, and after giving Timmy the once over offered loudly, "My god, Cass, hes fucking /adorable/">adorable, where in the hell did you find him!?!" "Thanks, Ems," Cassandra replied, "in Chicago, Ive had him for stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv six months or so, and he seems to be working just fine!!!" Emily looked back at the now red cheeked Timmy and went on, "And such a pretty pair of panties that let his little erection poke through, how very nice, and by the way, hows his mouth!?!" "Thats the best part," she replied quickly, "just look at my vagina, licked clean as a whistle!!!"

"Uh, Cass," Emily asked slowly, do you think I could, you know!?!" "Do what, Emily," Cassandra casually, "you have to be a little more specific in your request, after all, Im not a mind reader!?!" "Well," Emily replied softly, "he is erect, and I havent sucked a pretty little cock like that in years, so if you dont mind..........?!?" "Timmy," Cassandra said sharply, "I want you to let Miss Emily suck your penis, its okay, Im allowing it, so if she wants you to ejaculate in her mouth, you can go right ahead!!!" "Y-yes Mistress," he stammered, as this was a totally new experience for him!!! Mistress had never allowed anyone other than herself to use him sexually since he had moved in with her, and to say that he was nervous would be an understatement!!! He padded over to Emily, who had since sat down on the floor, and stood quietly in front of her as she opened her mouth and sucked in his cute little erection!!! Cassandra watched with bemused fascination while her little panty boy stood there and allowed a perfect stranger to suck his hard little penis!!! "Timmy," she asked, "is Emily a good cocksucker!?!" "V-very good, Mistress," he gasped as she had his whole member all the way inside of her hungry mouth!!! Now deciding to have a little fun with him she asked, "Is she as good as I am!?!" "Oh, Mistress," he moaned "I-I dont know, shes different, but very good!!!" "Oh, I see," Cassandra replied, "how is she different!?!" "I dont know," he said with a moan, "s-she just is, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Im cumming in her mouth!!!" And he did too, a spurting load of /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum jettisoned from the end of his tiny dick and filled Emilys mouth with hot burning cum!!!

"So, Ems," Cassandra asked, "how was my little panty boy, did he come nice and hard for you!?!" Without directly answering the question Emily asked, "Didnt you say he was good at sucking cunt," as she slipped off her panties!?! Cassandra just rolled her eyes and said, "Youre going to be a very busy boy for the next five days, Timmy, a very busy boy!!!