Wife enjoys stranger in a Delhi Green line bus

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Wife enjoys stranger in a Delhi Green line bus

Hi readers, thanks for your response and your liking for the story of wife enjoying in delhi /bus/public-bus/">public bus. For those reading me for the /first-time/">first time. I am 28 yr old single guy from Delhi, working in an TOP IT MNC. I really loves new adventures.

This incident is a true incident sent by one the reader of my posted incidents who got in touch with me just 2 weeks back. Manish & Jyoti both in mid thirties , living in Paschim Vihar in Delhi and enjoying a happy married life. It started around a year back when Manish found out a strange change in Jyothi as she was becoming hornier for sex whenever she is back from work and wants a /fucking/good-fuck/">good fuck before even having dinner.

Manish was co-operating and was happy to see her wife in this hot mood always but the concern was why it started happening now a days and that too when she is coming back from work exhausted. He came to know about it when once he was free early and decided to give her wife a surprize and gone to her office in Cannaught place. He got late due to heavy traffic but managed to reach her travel agency just at the time of her off. He saw her coming out of office and tried to approach her but she was in a hurry and was running to catch her /bus/">bus from the stop. Manish smiled seeing her dressed today as she was wearing her favourite short skirt and /tight/tight-top/">tight top which makes her looks very seductive.

He then though that he will catch the same bus and will give a /surprise/">surprise to her in the bus. She already catched the bus as it was leaving and Manish ran to catch it as it was already full.

He barely managed to get in the bus. Even though he was just five people away from her, she couldnt see him. Everything seemed normal enough at the time, with the exception of her detour. He watched her from afar and appreciated her beauty from a different prospective; almost as if she was a stranger.

The black skirt (just above her knee), white silky blouse and black pumps with white stockings. I knew the outfit well. It was one of my favorites. Her nipples would poke through the material and the skirt hugged her ass and draped across her thighs. Her brown hair was sexxxx video ful hd down and cascaded over her shoulders. Yummy.

Then I saw her shift closer to the middle of the bus. She stood there, still. I sensed something was either happening or going to happen. And it did!

I noticed that right by her was this middle aged man around 40 yrs standing behind her. And it seemed as if she was pushing her ass out so that it rubbed against his crotch. At first he was caught by surprised (not as much as I was), but soon he appreciated the situation. It took no time for his pants to bulge out in front of him. He pushed this bulge into my wifes ass. She didnt move an inch away. Instead, it looked as if she pushed back harder, standing with her legs apart.

This went on for what felt like an eternity. The man put his hands on her hips a drew her closer to him. The balls! I couldnt believe it! He was actually grinding his cock into her ass and she was loving it!

She shifted again. Her body perpendicular to his front. Her arm against his bulging crotch. I could see that she was very slightly applying pressure to his cock. He smiled at her. She turned slowly and faced him. Im sure others saw what was going on, but no one was going to say anything.

Her hand was now grabbing at his crotch. His hand was inside her short skirt and looked like he had found her pussy. My wife then pulled his zipper down and stuck her hand in. Out came this giant /fat/fat-cock/">fat cock. The head was enormous. She squeezed the head and circled it with her thumb. This was shoking as it was dark in the full filled bus but this activity was too much but she had literally done it and a /indian/">indian Punjabi wife doing this in middle of a public bus was shocking for me. Since I was aware what was going on in the dark and seems no body was looking at what going on in the middle of a bus but I felt everybody was not missing a chance to rub their hands on her boobs whenever possible but she was not bothering and was busy in her pleasure.

She began to stroke the shaft. At first very slow, very tight. The man was in heaven. He mustve been playing with her clit because she looked like she was ready to cum too. She stroked his /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock faster and faster. Long hard strokes. Faster and faster. Then he couldnt hold it any longer and a load of white cum spurted on to her hand and thighs. It was as if a milk container had fallen on her thighs.

And then just like that, she abruptly got off the next stop and headed home, as if nothing had happened.

That evening I couldnt hold back and confronted her. It was the night that changed our lives (sex lives) forever. She confided in me that the guy was a total stranger and that this is one of her many sexual escapades and fetishes. She loves arousing strangers in public and making them cum.

Since then we have combined her lust for cock with my hunger to watch her and till now its happening, both are happy as its their new beginning and Manish loves her wife adventures and keeps her telling new ways to turn him on. She acts like a slutty wife to please herself and keeps her hubby happy. I am waiting to hear from all you horny females and couples regarding your experiences Kindly get in touch with me at hotlovermale xxx sex video download free com at gmail dot com